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Uranium Downs cover front.jpg
Uranium Downs

 Kindle ASIN: B098FJN798

 ISBN-13: 978-1955941037

Amie Coleman is instrumental in uniting a power team of kids, including the new deaf girl, school geek, and a standoffish BMX rider, all with diverse interests and issues, to do a class history project. The mismatched group starts off rough with a troubled classmate adding to the drama. With everyone finally on good terms, the group unravels like a badly knitted hat. Can the group remain friends? While Amie’s parents are out of the country, she and Grandpa make a dynamic duo – an unstoppable force. Vandalism puts them both on high alert. Someone lurks in
the shadows, just out of reach. Friend or foe? Who could it be? What are they after? Danger lurks. Will she and her group survive to see the end of the school year?

Rocky Mountain Medley Collection.jpg
Rocky Mountain Medley Novella Collection: Western Colorado Stories by Western Colorado Authors 

ISBN-13: 978-1955941044


Rocky Mountain Medley Novella Collection: Two young adult mysteries, a spiritual speculative fiction story, and an inspirational romantic suspense all in one collection. Beautiful western Colorado is the backdrop for each of these compelling stories by western Colorado authors.

Dinosaurs, Assassins, and Monarchs

ISBN-13: 978-1955941211

Lulani travels to a country she doesn’t know in order to protect a realm she doesn’t understand. With Tukô, her favorite gecko, enjoying the trip across her shoulders and the annoying chambermaid egging her on — what could possibly go wrong?
The Dinosaur Guard trained to protect the princess of the dinosaurs. Since a new princess hasn’t been found, they defend the ailing king at all costs. Can they save the king from an assassin?

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