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Trainer of Superheroes. Teller of Yarns. Adventurer.

There’s a superhero inside of you.

What? You don’t wear a cape? Neither do I, that’s why I teach. My former students spread their wings and launched into careers: nurses, social workers, construction workers, engineers, stay-at-home moms, chemists, teachers, architects, artists, police officers, writers, business leaders — who do you want to be? It’s okay if you don’t know now, the characters in my books are discovering this too.


You’re the answer to someone’s prayer.

Let’s journey together and release your full potential.

Ever have a crazy side hobby that consumes a great deal of time? Mine’s yarn. Knitted or crocheted, doesn’t matter. I’m in. Twenty horse mascots for the volleyball and basketball teams? Done. I’m not the greatest at socks, but hey, we all have our Kryptonite.

Do you long to experience other cultures around the world? Travel to the farthest reaches of space? Walk the dusty trail side-by-side with covered wagons? Roam the streets of another country? Go across the alley and shake hands with the new neighbor?

Yeah. Me too. That’s why I write to explore and go as many places as I possible.

I want you to benefit from my local and world wandering experiences and to hear about your own.

Let’s travel together and find out.

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